The Role of Chance in FP&A

By Karl Kern, Founder/President, Kern Analytics LLC

How should the role of chance influence the work of FP&A practitioners?  

Intentions may lead to results that were not intended.  There are times in which good intentions may lead to bad results or an idea that is designed to accomplish one task may succeed by performing a completely different task.  As a result, FP&A practitioners should recognize the role of chance in FP&A.

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FP&A Data Visualisation: Are You an Ethical Presenter? Are You Sure?

data visualisationBy Randall Bolten, longtime Silicon Valley CFO, author of "Painting with Numbers: Presenting Financials and Other Numbers So People Will Understand You” and adjunct professor at U.C. Berkeley Extension

Is there anything about your graph that might cause your audience to question your agenda or even your honesty?

Why is it that graphs are so much more likely than tables are to provoking audience suspicion about your agenda? First of all, the whole point of a graph is usually to emphasise a single, critical point you’re trying to make. Your audience may be acutely aware that you’re in “persuade” mode, so be careful about appearing to oversimplify a complex problem or cherry-pick your data. Second, graphs offer an immense range of choices, including axis scaling, chart types, color and other visual effects, and much more. Each one of those many choices can send its own meaning to your audience. So be careful out there!

RANDALL BOLTEN grew up in Washington, D.C., the son of a CIA intelligence officer and a history professor. He is passionate about the importance of presenting financials and other numerical information in a cogent and effective way, and in his current life is the author of Painting with Numbers: Presenting Financials and Other Numbers So People Will Understand You (John Wiley & Sons, 2012).

He is a seasoned financial executive, with many years directing the financial and other operations of high-technology companies. His experience includes nearly twenty years as a chief financial officer of software companies.

He has held the CFO position at public companies BroadVision and Phoenix Technologies, and at private companies including Arcot Systems, BioCAD, and Teknekron. Before his CFO positions, he held senior financial management positions at Oracle and Tandem Computers.

He received his AB from Princeton University, headed west to earn an MBA at Stanford University, and ended up staying in Silicon Valley. 

In addition to writing Painting with Numbers, he currently operates Lucidity, a consulting and executive coaching practice focused on organizing and presenting complex financial information. He divides his work time between Glenbrook, NV and Washington, DC, and maintains an office in Menlo Park, CA.

Rolling Forecast – The Maersk Group Case Study

By Neil Ainger, published first at GTNews

Is it realistic to completely abandon the budget? How can Rolling Forecast help with going "Beyond Budgeting"?

At one of the London FP&A Board meetings, a case study from Maersk Group was presented about how the shipping, transport and oil firm has benefitted.from Rolling Forecast and going Beyond Budgeting.

“We’ve abolished the annual budget completely and only use rolling forecasting (RF) now,” said Matthijs Schot, head of performance & analysis at AP Moller Maersk, as he shared his company’s implementation four years ago of an RF process and the lessons they’ve learnt.


Future of finance: Five factors changing FP&A

Larysa Melnychuk is the Managing Director at FP&A Trends groupBy Luke Clark, the Senior Content Manager Asia-Pacific for Michael Page.

This Michael Page interview with Larysa Melnychuk, CEO and the founder of FP&A Trends and International FP&A Board gives an overview on the evolving role of modern Financial Planning and Analytics (FP&A) globally. The interview was given during Larysa's travel to APAC region for the FP&A Board meetings and reveals five factors that changing global FP&A


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Latest Trends in FP&A - What Are They?

Sydney FP&A BoardBy Anastasia Chechkova, FP&A Trends correspondent

What are the latest FP&A  trends in Australia?  Recently, Larysa Melnychuk, the founder and MD of The International FP&A Board has opened new chapters in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

This article gives insights on the latest FP&A trends and challenges:  how they evolve globally and how they are perceived locally, on Australian continent.

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