Retaining and Building a Dream FP&A Team! #WeAreTheChampions

By Chris Ortega, MBA, Sr. Finance Manager at Emarsys, USA

So, you are a C-suite executive, Vice President, Director, Manager, Senior, or Staff financial professional and you just had a high potential and high-performance team member or members move on to greener pastures.  Or you aspire to be a high potential and high-performance employee and looking for success factors to take your game to the next level.  Well, look no further than this post.  

The goal of this post is to provide my top 5 success factors for retaining and building a FP&A dream team from the perspective of a high potential and high performer (Top Player) and millennial.  Before, I continue let's get this out from tip-off. 

Malaysia and Singapore on the right track to FP&A Transformation

By Larysa Melnychuk, Managing Director at FP&A Trends group

In July 2017, I facilitated 5 meetings of the International FP&A Board in Asia and Australia. It was an amazing journey to 3 countries, 5 cities, and two continents. I was on the road for one month and met so many passionate FP&A professionals in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Every meeting was a great success. Every meeting was so different: full of interesting stories, debates, questions, answers, case studies, and discoveries. FP&A trends are global, but each country and city tackle the challenges and create opportunities in its own manner. The demand for the first hand FP&A knowledge and experience is very high globally. It is no wonder, as our profession is undergoing an amazing transformation and demand for the FP&A talent and thought leadership is very high. In summer, The International FP&A Board added three strong Australian chapters to its portfolio. On the 19th of September 2017  we will be celebrating our fourth birthday with pride: now International FP&A Board is a collection of professional passion and experiences from 11 countries, 14 cities and four continents. This article describes our two Asian meetings: in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

AI & Machine Learning Impact on FP&A

By Chris Ortega, MBA, Sr. Finance Manager at Emarsys, USA

In July 2017, I presented at the 2017 AICPA FP&A Conference in Las Vegas over AI (Artificial Intelligence) & machine Learning impact on FP&A. The session received great feedback from attendees and other speakers. So, I wanted to share an article summarizing the presentations main points. The goal of this article is to provide insights into the impact AI & machine learning will have on people, processes and technologies in FP&A. Hope you enjoy!

We need a rolling forecast! Really? Why?

rolling forecastBy Steve Morlidge, Business Forecasting thought leader, author of "Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting" and  "The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting" 

I’d like to claim that I am not easily annoyed….but that would be untrue. And one of the things that is guaranteed to irritate me are glib statements from people who claim to be experts – particularly if it is part of an act to get people to buy something.